Coastal Group Scoop First Place in Mablethorpe Carnival

Coastal Group win the prize for best non commercial float in the Mablethorpe 2018 Carnival. With hard work from all sections the group was able to decorate a Pirate Ship kindly lent to the group from the Hildred centre Skegness

Mablethorpe Carnival 2018 (A Scout Parrot and Merlin the Pirate)

On Saturday the 15 of September 2018 Coastal Scout Group attended Mablethorpe carnival. Many young persons arrived early and helped turn the float from what was essentially a boat shell to what you can see above. Almost everything that can be seen on the float has been made by the group, either in a few extended sessions or modified from Mablethorpe in bloom.

A Massive well done to everyone from the group involved in the carnival. The hard work from parents, Young People and Leaders allowed us to win the prize for best Non-Commercial Float. Lets hope we can repeat this for next year.

We would like to give thanks to the organisers of the carnival and all of the ‘Staff’ that kept the carnival safe for us and the rest of the attendees. 

We would also like to give special thanks to Hildred centre Skegness for the usage of the float and Also special thanks to Coastal Recoveries for bringing the float from Skegness.